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So here’s the thing. I have been extremely successful in traditional “Bricks & Mortar” style businesses, building them from the ground up into multi-million dollar companies.

It wasn’t easy, but I DID IT! Learning a LOT along the way!

Then I was like, what now? How do I help others do what I have done & have their OWN success?!

I had fallen, by accident, into Network Marketing. Simply put, I was overweight & unhealthy! I had been working so hard & neglected my health & had pushed the scales at over 105kg! For me, this was DOUBLE my modeling weight! So I needed something to fix it & fast. So I bought some nutritional products from a friend who had success with them.

I lost a lot of weight & felt better… Nek minute I realized I was involved in something that I could make money in as well! So being the entrepreneur that I am & always up for a challenge I got to work! Now as I “fell” into it my position within the structure of the company was pretty shitty.I was “on an inside leg of an inside leg” – which for those who don’t know, meant I was on my own to build the business.

But I’m an independent woman, right? I CAN do this!

So for a few years, I worked that business like my butt was on FIRE! I quickly advanced through the ranks & made multiple 6 figures in income. Not bad right?!

That’s when it stalled. I got SUPER frustrated that there was no REAL training on HOW to be successful in Network Marketing for my team! Just a heap of “motivational hype” & “success stories” from those that had previous experience that tied in perfectly with promoting these products eg; Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists etc

I was having great success, but my team wasn’t (well some were, but most weren’t) & that was due to a lack of SKILLS being taught to achieve success!

So I went in search for something that WOULD give them a practical, step by step guide to success in Network Marketing – what people were REALLY doing to achieve their goals! THERE WAS NOTHING!


To prove it actually worked I walked AWAY from my first Network Marketing company & the massive residual income I had built (let’s face it, I was in there by accident anyway) & started from ZERO in another company that was just launching into Australia.

Now I didn’t just pick ANY company because the company is SO important!

I researched plenty of them, to find the perfect:

– Company
– Culture
– Patented Products
– Ownership
– Training System & Tools

I found it a fortnight before it launched into Australia & I got to work!

I officially joined on the launch day that I will always remember as THE day that changed my life! October 20th, 2016!

I quickly moved through the ranks & earnt my Fast Start Bonus, My iPad Bonus & My Luxury Car Bonus & all the way to achieving Regional Marketing Director within a few hours of the official launch!

My team too earnt THOUSANDS of dollars in commissions, bonuses & iPads!

From there we plugged into not only the system that the company provided but My MLM Training that has catapulted our team to have MASSIVE success & be the fastest growing GLOBAL team!

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND I am offering MY MLM TRAINING course for the FIRST time outside of MY Network Marketing team!

Of course, MY team receives the course for FREE (so that may be an option for you?)

However, if you are dedicated to your current Network Marketing Company then you can purchase your position in the MY MLM TRAINING COURSE for a limited time at the discount rate HERE!

If you truly want to be successful in Network Marketing, you see the potential, but just don’t seem to be achieving all you desire right now? Then I HIGHLY recommend this program to get you un-stuck & to teach you PRACTICAL, step by step actions you HAVE to take to achieve unrivaled success in Network Marketing!

See YOU at the TOP! Because the bottom is way too crowded!